Whether you are looking to hire a coach for an event, excursion, airport transfer, wedding or other special occasion you will want to make sure that you find the best price for the vehicle you require. There are several factors which determine the price you will pay so making sure you know exactly what your requirements are before starting you search is paramount.Learn more about this at Nolan Coaches Dublin.

Vehicle Size – The size of the vehicle you require is one of the main factors you should consider. Do you really require a 49-seater vehicle when there are only 24 members in the party? Many coach operators have several different sized vehicles available for hire therefore make sure you specify the exact number of people in your party to avoid hiring a vehicle which is too big.

Vehicle Class – The class of vehicle you require is another important factor in determining the price of a coach. A vehicle can be usually classed as:

Budget – The perfect option for the cost conscious customer with no non essential features or luxurious additions.

Standard – A great option for a comfortable long distance journey with audio entertainment system.

Executive – When additional comforts, amenities and facilities such as reclining seats, a toilet, tables, galley, air conditioning, audio-visual entertainment systems are important this a super option for a long distance journey.

Luxury/VIP – When only the best will do this is the ideal option if you want to travel real style and impress. With numerous advanced features this is the ultimate vehicle standard offering extremely high levels of comfort and entertainment.

Making sure you fully understand what features you require for your coach journey will hopefully avoid you paying over the odds for a vehicle you aren’t going to make full use of. You wouldn’t really want to hire a luxury coach for a stag do.

Journey Date & Time – The date and time of the journey can also affect the price of coach hire. Did you know, coach operators usually charge more for journey at night / early morning and at weekend? Also bank holidays and certain other times of the year, e.g. Christmas and New Year will attract a higher price.

Is the vehicle required to stay? – How long you need the coach for is another very important factor to consider when hiring a coach. Coach Hire operators may use a combination of distance charges (e.g. a charge per mile driven) as well as time charges (e.g. a charge per hour) to derive a price. Therefore if you are booking a return coach hire journey, do you need the vehicle sat idle waiting for you, or should you book two separate each way journeys?

Regional Variances – Where you are and where you want to travel to unfortunately can have a dramatic impact on the price of a vehicle. Did you know that prices for Coach Hire in London can be as much as 50% more than the prices in rest of England?